Headlight Repair And Restoration Services In Channelview, TX

For the best headlight restoration services in Channelview, TX, trust Lyall Bros. Collision. We offer complete repair and replacement for broken, cracked or burnt out headlights in vehicles of different makes and models. Driving with a broken headlight is not only a traffic violation but can also be dangerous due to the decreased visibility. Our headlight repair service will increase your safety on the road as well as improve the overall appearance of your vehicle. We proudly serve clients in Channelview, Summerwood, Galena Park, Humble, Dayton, Liberty, Pasadena, North Shore, Cloverleaf, Houston, Baytown and CE King. 


Complete Solution For Scratched, Tinted And Dim Headlights 

Besides repairing headlights, we also provide restoration services to ensure the maximum possible visibility during nighttime. Exposure to sun and environmental pollutants can create a yellow, foggy coating as well as reduce the brightness of the headlights. Our technicians will replace this coating, remove any scratches and polish the lenses to restore your vehicle’s appearance to the showroom condition. We will also check the bulbs, sockets and wiring to ensure maximum visibility and crystal-clear headlight clarity. 


Trust Our Collision Repair Experts In Channelview

Visit Lyall Bros. Collision to fix broken or blemished headlights. We will assess the extent of damage caused and provide you with a cost estimate upfront so you can make a well-informed decision. We offer the lowest prices on headlight repairs and use high quality parts to ensure your safety on road. All our work is backed by an extended warranty so you do not have to worry at all. 

For more details about the headlight repair and restoration services offered at our collision repair center in Channelview, TX, call at (281) 452 – 4710. 




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