What should I do after an auto accident?

Stay calm and check for any injuries sustained by your fellow passengers and the people in the other car. Call an ambulance if required. In case of a minor accident, park the cars on the road side to avoid blocking the traffic. Notify the police and your insurance company about the accident. Note down the name and license number of the other driver as well license plate of the car. Click pictures of the damage caused to both the vehicles. Talk to the witnesses and take their statements. Contact a collision repair center to schedule a service and get your vehicle towed from the accident site. Once you have claim approval from the insurance company, you may need to visit the facility to sign a work authorization so that they can begin the repair work. 


Do I need three estimates?

No, it is not obligatory to get three estimates. You just need to do a thorough research of your collision repair options so that you are able to make a well informed decision. You can even take your vehicle to your preferred collision repair center. However, there may be certain requisites for your insurance company or the type of coverage you have that may limit the labor rates or repair costs that you can claim. Thus, you must acquire all this information to get an accurate repair estimate. Some insurance companies even require the clients to visit their claims center before sending the car to the repair shop. Else, you can also leave the car at our Channelview, TX based center and have your insurance company pay a visit. At Lyall Bros. Collision, we work in association with major insurance companies and keep them updated about the repair work being done on your vehicle. 

Should I notify my insurance company before getting my vehicle repaired?

Yes, your insurance company must approve the repair work. The agent will authorize the repair required, parts used, cost estimates and keep a digital copy of the work before as well as during the process. 

When choosing a collision repair facility in Channelview, you can ask for references from your friends and family. Ask what your insurance company would recommend. You must choose a facility with a good number of satisfied clients and considerable experience in the industry. The repair center should have the latest equipment and the technicians should be certified. Lyall Bros. Collision is an I-CAR Gold Class repair shop providing quality collision repair services since 1969. Our technicians have received training from I-CAR and ASE, ensuring efficient collision repair for your vehicles. 


Who is responsible for payment to the repair facility?

You are liable to pay all the restoration costs to the collision repair center.  You can also request your insurance company to make the claims payment directly to the repair shop. Usually, you may need to make an initial payment at the time of the estimates and pay the rest of the amount during the repair process for any hidden damages that may be identified. If there is any doubts on the payment issued, you must clarify them with your collision repair center. 


Do I have to pay for a rental car?

This is an optional coverage that you may get from your insurance company. Make sure you verify the coverage limits and the approximate daily expense of renting a car. If your vehicle repair costs are settled by the other party’s insurance company, you must be provided with a similar replacement vehicle till your car is being repaired. You can also ask the collision repair center for any references for a rental car company.  


How much is my deductible and when is it due?

Insurance deductibles have to be paid to the collision repair center at the completion of the work. Ask your insurance claims adjuster if you have any queries regarding your policy, coverage, deductible amount etc. Make sure all the repair work is carried out as per the industry standards and only high quality parts are used.